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Try to stay on top of the paperwork by going through it at least once a week. Recycle anything you don’t need, and scan any important documents that you want to keep. This Epson Workforce portable scanner is lightweight and fast, it scans a single page in 5.5 seconds! Getting your home office in order can really boost your productivity and cut down on clutter and stress in your everyday life, so why wait? Use our simple organization rules and start your office organization plans today. Once everything is where they need to go, label your storage containers clearly.

When she’s not busy writing about interiors, you can find her scouring vintage stores, reading, researching ghost stories, or stumbling about because she probably lost her glasses again. Her work has also been published in MyDomaine, Who What Wear, Man Repeller, Matches Fashion, Byrdie, and more. This is more of a storage tip than anything, but a custom fold-out desk is the best way to go as far as tiny work from home spaces. Just close it up and tuck it away when you need to convert your home office back into the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Install a Wall of Cabinets

Having office supplies so easily in reach makes it easy to remember to put things away. Adjacent to the desks, a cabinet unit keeps bulky, unsightly items out of sight. If your work involves confidential files, consider adding desk drawers that lock to keep curious minds out of your things. If you DO have a desk drawer, you know how quickly it can become a junk drawer if you’re not careful. To make sure it stays organized with all your office essentials, try using these highly reviewed metal desk organizers.

  • Getting your home office cleaned out and organized can be a big undertaking.
  • Take your time, you aren’t going to do everything in one go and remember if something stops working change it.
  • At Neu Spaces by Jenn, we offer afree estimate for these services in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.
  • Being able to shut the door on distractions can do miracles for your productivity and focus.
  • The same goes for office supplies, which for most people don’t need to be plentiful.

One of the reasons why home offices get so cluttered is that their owners either stubbornly refuse or don’t take the time to throw things away. Take a few minutes to purge your office of everything you’re no longer using. Aditi Sharma Maheshwari is an architecture and design journalist with over 10 years of experience.

Floating Shelves

It’s no big surprise that she likes to put what she writes about into practice, and is a serial house renovator. Knowing where everything belongs can be helpful in maintaining your office organization. Storage boxes that are see-through can help to keep your office space organized and quickly find things when you need them.

In the same way, you need to take advantage of the vertical space you have in your home office. This is especially true if you have a smaller desk area and don’t have any desk drawers. While and light grey bins can create a clean, aesthetic style in a room that has a light color scheme.